CODE OF ETHICS - NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè Team

CODE OF ETHICS – NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè Team


NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè is a professional cycling team born in 2015. It was created to build a cultural and sporting bridge between two countries linked by common values ​​and sensitivities: Italy and Japan. He founded his activity on clear ethical principles and committed himself every day to contribute to the construction of a “New Cycling” based on new levers, new values ​​and different purposes.

Honesty, transparency, clarity, innovation in communication, social sports responsibility are part of the values, the result of a strong and recognized cultural identity, in which NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè identifies itself.

Thanks to the international activity of which it is the protagonist, the team finds itself working in a multiplicity of contests in continuous and rapid evolution that constitute the world cycling activity. Due to the complexity of this scenario, it is important that NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè strongly declares its sporting culture and its purpose in the development of the activity, clearly defining the set of values ​​in which the team recognizes itself and shares, together with the responsibilities that it assumes both internally and externally.

A fundamental tool in this process of disclosure and clarification of company principles is the present “Code of Ethics”.

What is ethics

The «Ethics» expresses the set of rules of conduct – both public and private – followed by a person or a group of people. It is a word used in many contexts, and indicates a reflection on the rules and principles to be followed in practical life. Therefore, the range of action of ethics, while referring to an abstract universe (made up of principles and values), is anything but theoretical: it concerns everyday life and translates into norms of behavior.


1 – Mission

Our mission is to develop a professional cycling team based on a “New Cycling”, built on innovative working methods, total clarity, transparency in activity, sport, economic and social correctness and the desire to honor and make great everywhere the image of the team and the cycling.

2 – Sports

Sportsmen are the main and constant point of reference for everything we do. People who are passionate about cycling and our team fans have four basic rights: the right to be informed about what the team does, the right to trust what the team says, the right to trust unconditionally the results achieved by the riders and the right to be heard.

3 – Races

The races are at the center of our daily activity. All efforts in preparation, organization, management are aimed at achieving invitations to racing and to honor these invitations by giving the best of us, every day, in every stage.

4 – Sponsor

Our sponsors are the indispensable partners to achieve sports and image success, our commitment is to respect and repay their trust and support. We have to work with them to make the most of the identity and the image that the team presents to the outside, working every day to protect the good name, values ​​and principles that are founded by our sponsors.

5 – Cycling World

The cycling world is our environment. Our commitment and our mission is to contribute to the growth of a “New Cycling” based on the contribution made by new ideas, by young people, who must be involved at all levels in the cycling society and a new image of cycling as a clean, clear and crystalline sport.

6 – Competitors

Our competitors are the stimulus that drives us to give our best and always improve. The team is driven by a constant spirit of correct competition aimed at the constant improvement of what it does, aiming for excellence. There is no doubt about the work of our rivals, so we treat all our competitors with respect and esteem, without doubting in any way about their work.

7 – Success

The success for our team is to give our best with the means we have. We are a cycling team and the ultimate goal is always to win and look for the victory, but victory is neither the first nor the only goal that distinguishes the team result. Winning is part of the objectives and the mission, it is an important indicator of team health and the achievement of its objectives, but it is not the only indicator of success of the project. Success also lies in the consolidation of the team’s values ​​and the promotion of the same through the team, as well as an indicator of success is the growth of young international talents and the registration of the improvements of all the chosen athletes.


8 – Honesty

Honesty is the fundamental principle for all the team’s activities: every initiative, every communication, every report to sportsmen, sponsors, journalists bases its contents on honesty. Honesty in relationships, honesty in behavior, intellectual honesty towards all operators.

9 – Transparency

Transparency affects the way we operate: internal and external sharing of information regarding the organization, management, life of the team and its components, as well as the results of every anti-doping and control investigation, are made public to pursue total transparency.

10 – Clarity

Cycling is a sporting world with its strengths and its faults. Being clear to our stakeholders, our fans, institutions and organizations that work in cycling is a key element to contribute to the construction of a “New Cycling” as per our mission. To make everyone understand the difficulties, as well as the values ​​and qualities, of the team’s activity and of the context in which it operates, is the constant prerogative of the team.

11 – Sports Social Responsibility

The Team believes that its sporting activity, as well as its economic activity, in order to qualify as ethically responsible, must pursue organizational models that safeguard both the human rights of the internal components that work for the team, as well as the safety and respect environment that surrounds it. Furthermore, it is the team’s social and ethical responsibility to contribute to the healthy development of the sport community and the values ​​of cycling, promoting a healthy and accessible sport.

12 – Respect of the laws

Cycling is a sport regulated by the International Cycling Union and by the National Cycling Federations: the team considers binding and essential the respect of all the regulations and commits itself to give prominence and further evidence to all the activities that can transmit security and clarify any doubt to the sportsmen of the world. Furthermore, the civil and economic laws of the countries in which the team operates are respected and protect the global economic and sporting activity of the team.

13 – Health protection

Our team is driven by an absolute intransigence, in any form, of any type of doping, current or future. The team does not engage athletes with a history of doping even if the disqualification was granted.

The whole team has the duty and the obligation to report any suspicion: in the team we do not conceive of any type, in any declination or version, of doping. Riders, staff, management are required to comply with all relevant regulations, committing themselves to give further evidence and clarity to the activities aimed at fighting doping and the protection of their health, such as the On-LINE Publishing of the ADAMS biological passport every athlete.

The team also undertakes to experiment and make itself available to the competent bodies for the testing of any new anti-doping research method, to actively contribute to the general fight against this defect in the world of sport.

14 – Communication

The team is committed to constructing new tools and methods of communication every day to open up the world of cycling, from every point of view. It therefore undertakes to tell the backstage, the secrets, the organization, the team’s commitments to enthusiasts, through all the available media and according to new formulas, so that everything that revolves around cycling competitions is perceived and told.

In this activity aimed at creating a “New Communication”, the Team develops its internal and external activity based on a precise duty of correctness and clarity towards the interlocutors, to whom the team must guarantee a relationship based on trust and loyalty, content , cognitive and intellectual, understanding the input received and committing to communicate even better.

15 – Control

The control of compliance with the code of ethics is entrusted internally to an independent body made up of mentors and advisors, all of whom are valuable figures operating in different areas outside of cycling and connected to the team by common values ​​and passions. Externally, the total openness of the team stimulates the fans to control our work, creating the reputation of the team at the public level. The comments of the fans on the work of the team contribute to the establishment of the value and reputation of the team, thus also impacting on the perceived value of compliance with the code of ethics here written.