With the occasion of the last World Tour race of Damiano Cunego many celebrations have been organized for Damiano Cunego. A special one is coming from Vini Fantini, with a special edition bottle, not for sale, only to celebrate his great career. These the words of Valentino Sciotti: “A due dedication. We will not commercialize this product because for us it is a real and great recognition to the man and the athlete”. In Tour de Suisse Damiano Cunego and all his teammates will also wear a special edition jersey made by Santini to celebrate the last World Tour race of the Italian Champion.

The Tour de Suisse will be the last big World Tour race of Damiano Cunego. To celebrate not only this occasion, but his whole career Vini Fantini realized a special edition bottle with the label representing his Giro 2004 victory. The Italian Wime brand is linked to the rider as main sponsor of the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team in the last 4 years, but also in previous moments of his career with the Lampre – Farnese Vini.


The Italian brand chose the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo doc 2017 to celebrate Damiano Cunego. The label has been realized thanks to the picture made by Bettini Photo, that gives the opportunity to Vini Fantini to celebrate Cunego with this special remind of the Giro 2004. The bottle will not be for sale, but only a very special gift reserved to Damiano Cunego’s top friends.

The wine that can be appreciated inside is very close to the personality of Damiano Cunego. Shy at first approach, as if there was a seething mass ready to explode. But with patience it releases all its freshness and power. Its fruit is “marmalade” in addition to hints of cocoa. In the mouth demands respect, there is a wild note that makes it unique, the acidity well integrated in the body and gives persistence. Designed for a demanding consumer but able to marry very well with all the richest dishes of Italian cuisine.

The idea comes from Valentino Sciotti, CEO of Farnese Vini and strongly linked to the Italian rider. here the words of Valentino Sciotti: “I have a strong link and respect for Damiano Cunego, symbol of our team in the last 4 years, but also linked to our company in the past. I have a profound respect for him as a symbol of honesty and transparency. We decided to make this tribute as a recognition to the man and the athlete. Also for this reason the product will not be commercialized, but only a precious gift distributed to the friends of this great champion. “

Damiano Cunego received this surprise in Switzerland, few days before the Tour de Suisse: A wonderful gift, that demonstrates again that there is a big respect between me and Valentino Sciotti that is not only a great entrepreneur but also a big and true fan of cycling. To have a special label dedicated to my career, in few and limited edition bottles is something special. I’m looking forward to taste this wine and to enjoy it as soon as I will finish my competitions.”


Damiano Cunego, as his teammates, will be riding the Tour de Suisse with a special jersey, with a strong #Orange fluo made by Santini. Already presented in the Tour of Japan, thanks to a special derogation of UCI, the special jersey realized by Santini will be used by the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team in the most important Tour of the season: the Tour de Suisse.