The equipe of psychologist of Nova Mentis will work with the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team and his riders from the season 2018. The NovaSport protocol was born from the experience of Nova Mentis in sports such as the boxe and the Professional swimming and will be introduced also in the cycling world with the #OrangeBlue riders.

The NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team since from the first season as a Professional team chooses the support of external professionals, coming from science world with objective datas and protocols to help riders to obtain the maximum from their sportive performance. Since the 2015 FK Team, a specific ostheopatich team, introduced the ostheopatic protocol coming from top Italians team of  Football and Basketball, to the cycling world. 

With the same approach in this 2018 season the team starts his collaboration with Nova Mentis, to introduce professionals, supported by machines and actual datas, to apply the benefits of the psychology to the sport.

Starting from the Tour of the Alps, on going in this week, the Italian-Japanese team is supported by the “equipe” of Nova Mentis, specialized in psychology of the sport with the aim to improve the performance of the riders throughout a protocol named “Novasport”, thanked and created by the Italian Professionals of Nova Mentis. The protocol already used in High Level Boxe and Swimming, will be now also in the cycling world together with the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team. 


The Novasport protocol, created by Nova Mentis, has the purpose to help professional and amateur athletes, but also coach and sports directors. The work has the aim to optimize the sports performance, to help in case of sportive traumas that gives penalization to the riders during competitions, but also to examine the psychology dynamics inside a team. The protocol is based on the bio-neuro-waterfeedback method, among the application of the cognitive neuroscience, inside the sport.

The customized trainings gives the chance to the athlete to manage and improve the technical gesture, to optimize the execution in order to start a competition in the best psychologic condition. Th aim of the training is to give the chance to the athlete to fully recover, in the fastest way as possibile. To reach this goal punctual and frequent meetings of bio-neurofeedback are fundamental, giving a full overview of the training and recovery status of each athletes to trainers and sports directors. The trainings gives to the athlete the ability to improve their focus and concentration during the competition. Associated to the psychologic advice the trainings gives the chance to the rider to avoid problems such us related stress phenomena.

The trainers of Nova Mentis are psychotherapist with experience grown up in the environment of the sport psychology, of the clinic and of the research. To explain this the words of Gabriele Ciccarese, one of the founder of the center: “We adopt protocols of bio-neurofeedback and water feedback, that means the best of the scientific innovation at this moment in the sports performance environment and in the intensive psychotherapy. The flexibility, the professionalism and the innovation of the protocol gives to Nova Mentis the chance to work with big sports champions, reaching together sports and personals successes.”


Nova Mentis is a Psychology and cognitive neuroscience center with difference offices dislocated in the Puglia region of Italy, close to Lecce. The working “equipe” is composed by different professionals, psychobiology, psychiatric and pedagogic science, leaded by Doctor Gabriele Ciccarese and doctor Ilenia Carangelo. Nova Mentis promotes the scientific innovation and the psychologic method in sports, with specific treatment on stress with bio-neurofeedback method and water feedback.