Wednesday the Giro della Toscana, on Thursday the Coppa Sabatini. 10 #OrangeBlue riders involved in the 2 races to build a 7 rider line-up for each day that will fits in the best way with the race features.

After the week-end of Italian races (Agostoni and Bernocchi) and looking forward to another full week-end of amazing races (Pantani and Matteotti), also during this week the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team will face two important races of the Italian calendar. On Wednesday the Giro di Toscana, that in 2018 will be composed by one unique “stage” will start and finish in Pontedera with a circuit with the Monte Serra to climb for 3 times. On Thursday the Coppa Sabatini with start and finish-line in Peccioli and a road-race more suitable with the #Orangeblu riders skills.


The NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini will be at the start with a total of 10 riders, 7 for each race, for a rotation that will involve all the fittest riders among those not involved in the Chinese trip. In the Giro della Toscana, because of the hardest route, the leader will be Ivan Santaromita, who appeared in excellent condition in last weekend’s races. Return to the race also for Nicola Bagioli, who had some rests day after his trip to Japan, the young Italian could carve out a leading role with the Japanese climber Hideto Nakane and the Italian climber Filippo Zaccanti. Marco Tizza, Marco Canola and Simone Ponzi complete the line-up.

Thursday at Peccioli the will be time for Coppa Sabatini, with Marco Canola the leader and captain on a path suited to his characteristics. Many riders of the team have good skills for this type of route with Juan Josè Lobato, Simone Ponzi and Marco Tizza in excellent condition, as well as the same Nicola Bagioli. Who Hatsuyama will complete the line-up together with Eduard Grosu, that with only two races in the legs back from injury, but great spirit of sacrifice demonstrated in the weekend as a team-man.

Giro della Toscana, the official line-up:

Ivan Santaromita, Nicola Bagioli, Hideto Nakane, Filippo Zaccanti, Marco Canola, Simone Ponzi, Marco Tizza.

Coppa Sabatini, la formazione ufficiale: Marco Canola, Juan Josè Lobato, Simone Ponzi, Nicola Bagioli, Marco Tizza, Sho Hatsuyama, Eduard Grosu.


The Sports Director in these two races will be Mario Manzoni “Two important races await us, very different from each other for characteristics. The Giro della Toscana will be harder with the Serra to be climbed 3 times, and we will try to interpret the race with our most suitable riders like Ivan Santaromita, Nicola Bagioli to whom we give some rest days this weekend and the Japanese climber Hideto Nakane, with also Marco Tizza that can be important. The Sabatini will have more congenial characteristics to us, with Marco Canola, Juan Josè Lobato, Simone Ponzi, Marco Tizza and the same Nicola Bagioli as potential leaders, but everyone will have an important role in these fundamental Italian competitions.

Both races will be broadcasted live by Raisport and in Lifestream on the team official Facebook page, thanks to PMG Sport. The Giro della Toscana, will be broadcasted from 3.00 pm, while the Coppa Sabatini will be broadcasted from 2.15 pm.