EthicSport gives his trust to the Italian-Japanese project and decide to enter in the professional road cycling alongside the #OrangeBlue with its line of professional and specific products for cycling. “We chose the #OrangeBlue for the seriousness of the team and for their approach to communication, perfectly aligned with our” these are the words of Franco Donati, manager of Ethic Sport.

This is how the energetic integration of the #OrangeBlue athletes will be entrusted to an all-Italian partner. The NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè team for the 2019 season has found a solid agreement with EthicSport, one of the most professional brands in sports integration. EthicSport is in fact already widely used by the best medical staff in numerous sports. During the Olympics and world events EthicSport is side by side with many athletes and top level federations such as FIS (Fencing), FIJLKAM (Judo, Struggle, Karate, Martial Arts), FIPAV (Volley) and FIH (Hockey), and have been supporting for more than 10 years the highest level MTB Team. Starting from 2019 EthicSport has chosen to enter road professional cycling with the Italian-Japanese team, giving confidence to a project strongly focused on attention to detail, communication and enhancement of its quality partners.

“We chose the #OrangeBlue for the seriousness of the team and for their approach to communication, perfectly in tune with our” states Franco Donati, director of EthicSport, “our products are all tested DopingFree and studied together with top athletes and nutrition professionals. For us it is important to join a team with a strict ethic and that from its first year of transparency towards the public and the fans one of its pillars. We will be happy to receive constant feedback from the professionals of the team, to help them get the best out of their training and also to continue developing the best possible product. ”

EthicSport will be the technical partner of the #OrangeBlue throughout the season, both in competition and out of competition. The team will also be supported in training camps, starting with the first round of this 2019 in Calpe, Spain. On this occasion, the team’s athletes will be able to know many secrets of the professional line designed for the cyclist and will be instructed on the best recruitment methods and on the techniques to counteract the energy drops. There will be a special focus on some strategic products such as Super Dextrin, designed to handle very long efforts, and on Extreme Recovery, recommended after very intense efforts.