Seven riders for 5 days of race. Marco Canola and Nicola Bagioli the leaders in the mixed stages, Damiano Cima the fast wheel, Alejandro Osorio at his European first race with the team, Filippo Zaccanti and Ivan Santaromita returning from injuries and Joan Bou ready to support his teammates.

A full Italian week for the NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè team that will be able to focus on the “Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali”. 5 days of races, with the first day as usual consisting of two semi-stages. 7 #OrangeBlue riders at the start along with 5 World Tour squads, the Italian national team, 8 Professional teams and some Continental teams.

There will be 7 riders at the start of the first stage in Gatteo a Mare. Marco Canola and Nicola Bagioli will be the leaders for the mixed stages. Big expectations on Alejandro Osorio, the Colombian climber will be at his first European race with the #OrangeBlue jersey, after a very good start in South American competitions. Damiano Cima could find his space in the sprint arrivals as well as the usual valuable work for his teammates, work in which Joan Bou will also be involved. Back to races from their injuries Filippo Zaccanti and Ivan Santaromita. The first one is injured since the Trofeo Laigueglia with a fracture to his hand, the second one without fractures but with a strong bruise involving the ligaments.
Here the words of the Sports Director Mario Manzoni about the Italian race:

“We look forward to this important race of the Italian calendar. We are curious to see the young  climber Alejandro Osorio at his first European competition with our jersey. He did good things in South America at the begin of the season. At the start of this race we will have a motivated Marco Canola together with Nicola Bagioli they are the perfect riders for the mixed stages. Our fast wheel will be Damiano Cima, while Joan Bou will be our team-worker and important man for the time trial. Our two Italian climbers Filippo Zaccanti and Ivan Santaromita will be back in this race from their injuries. Filippo Zaccanti is out from the Trofeo Laigueglia so they will have to find their best condition during the competition. We have a well balanced line-up ready to compete in every stage”.
All the fans could follow the race highlights at the end of each stage starting from 5.30 pm on Raisport and on the Official Facebook Page of the team in collaboration with PMG Sport.