Tuesday at the start the Colombian competition, many big names at the start with 6 World Tour and 7 Professional teams. For the #OrangeBlue a line-up of climbers, with Osorio and Acosta on their home roads, Nakane and Ito to confirm the good performances of Argentina, Ivan Santaromita with his experience. For the sprints arrivals there will be room for the young Italian sprinter Imerio Cima.

Colombia 2.1. starting from this Tuesday is composed by 6 stages, with 6 #OrangeBlue riders at the start ready to compete with maximum attention both in the individual stages and in the general classification. A race that promises to be of high level, with 6 World Tour teams at the start, 7 Professional teams and 2 national selections among which Italy. A Tour that will provide a mixed road in every stage, but with the fifth and sixth stage for real climbers, two stages that will surely be decisive for the general ranking.



6 #OrangeBlue at the start, with the team climbers ready to be among protagonists. Ivan Santaromita is the experienced leader to lead the young Colombians, Alejandro Osorio and Ruben Acosta certainly motivated by the competition on the roads of their nation. The pair of Japanese climbers with Hideto Nakane is also competitive, just back from excellent performances in Argentina and a top 10 in one of the hardest stages. Imerio Cima will be the team’s fast wheel for sprint arrivals.

The complete line-up:

Ivan Santaromita, Alejandro Osorio, Hideto Nakane, Ruben Acosta, Masakazu Ito, Imerio Cima.
Valerio Tebaldi will be the Sports Director on the team car:

“After the debut race in Argentina, where we have tested the conditions of all our athletes, taking important placements, the riders are now finalizing their preparation for the Tour of Colombia. Ivan Santaromita is the experienced rider who will help the other team climbers to emerge. The Colombians Osorio and Acosta will ride their first professional race on their home roads and will have a special motivation, Hideto Nakane has already proven to be strong in Argentina and with the support of Ito will do well. Imerio Cima will instead be our “jolly” in the sprint. We will try to be protagonist both in the general ranking and competitive for stage placements.”