“For the first time I will be the most experienced rider of the team, but it is fantastic to have young riders always listening to my suggestions.” With these words Ivan Santaromita officialize his 2019 role as experienced rider of the roster.

The first training camp of the 2019 season is ready to start. The official meeting will be in Asiago from 21 to 23 of November. Among riders taking part to the training camp, there will be the leader Marco Canola and the new rider Moreno Moser. With them an important confirmation of giving big experience to team roster: Ivan Santaromita, that for the third season in a row will wear the #OrangeBlue jersey.
A season in which Ivan Santaromita has very clear his personal and team goal, with the desire to be also more involved in team results, with the satisfaction to teach to youngest riders of the team.

“In this season I expect to help a lot the team and the growth of our young riders” said Ivan Santaromita, “young riders who in our team are more and more international, not only Italians, but also Japanese, Spanish and Colombian. In 2018 I found a good interaction with Nicola Bagioli, who is a good listener always taking care of my advice. To see how he works, listening to the advice and improving after a day gives me so much satisfaction, but this applies to all the young riders on the team. I can not wait to get to know the new teammates, hoping that they too will be ready to receive the advice as confirmed. Also on a personal level I want to maintain the great continuity that I had from 4th place in the Italian championship of 2018 onwards, but managing to scratch more on some occasion suitable with my characteristics. The team has also strengthened uphill with the arrival of young Colombians and the growth of our Italians. Sometimes in the team I stress the details, but in modern cycling every detail makes the difference, from nutrition to training, you have to be very careful about everything to be competitive.”
With Ivan Santaromita are 8 the Italian riders in the roster 2019 of the #OrangeBlue, that is always more international, but always with a special focus on Italian young riders. Together with Marco Canola, Moreno Moser and Ivan Santaromita many young Italian riders, such as Nicola Bagioli at his third year among PROs, Filippo Zaccanti, Imerio Cima and Damiano Cima at their second year and the the neo-pro Giovanni Lonardi ready to debut among PROs with the NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè team.