Two competitions this week awaits the #OrangeBlue riders. Thursday 13th of June the one day race in Switzerland where Canola was on the final podium in 2018, from Wednesday to Sunday the Asian race that will be the n.4 of the Asia Tour in the 2019 calendar. The team in 2016 won the general ranking of this competition with Grega Bole.

Double important race in this week for the NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè team, that will divide between Europe and Asia looking for the fourth seasonal success. Both competitions have always seen the Italian-Japanese team making an important race, with Marco Canola on podium in Switzerland in 2018 and in final top10 in 2017. Also in Tour de Korea the #OrangeBlue made good things, especially in 2016 when the team won the General Ranking with Grega Bole.

One day race in Switzerland, for a competition of category 1.HC that see 6 World Tour teams to the start and many Professional teams of good level, among them the NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè team. The #OrangeBlue line-up will be leaded on the team car by Alessandro Donati and composed by a good mix of riders that could cover many possibile tactical scenery such as the breakaways and the sprint arrivals. Marco Canola is among the most expected riders for the final together with Giovanni Lonardi and Imerio Cima for a possibile final sprint. Ready for a race to the attack also Damiano Cima, Nicola Bagioli and Ivan Santaromita.

The complete line-up:

Marco Canola, Giovanni Lonardi, Imerio Cima, Damiano Cima, Nicola Bagioli, Ivan Santaromita. 
These the words of the Sports Director Alessandro Donati looking forward to the final appointment in Switzerland: “Gippingen will be a difficult race because it is open both to a breakaway action that to a final sprint. We have to cover all the tactical approach, both with a man in the breakaway of the day but also saving some riders for the final sprint. Damiano Cima, Nicola Bagioli and Ivan Santaromita will work for a possibile breakaway final, while Marco Canola, Giovanni Lonardi and Imerio Cima have to save energies for the final.”

This Wednesday 12th of June the 4th Asian race of the season awaits the Italian-Japanese team: The Tour of Korea. 5 stages in which the #OrangeBlue riders could aim both to stage victories and take a look also to the general ranking. The line-up will be very balanced between these two goals, and composed by riders of 3 nationalities. Juan Josè Lobato could be the fastest rider of the team, supported by Hayato Yoshida and Hiroki Nishimura, while Hideto Nakane, together with Filippo Zaccanti and Masakazu Ito could battle for the general ranking.

The complete line-up:

Juan Josè Lobato, Hideto Nakane, Filippo Zaccanti, Masakazu Ito, Hayato Yoshida, Hiroki Nishimura.
On the team car the Japanese Sports Director Takehiro Mizutani will lead the team: “After a great Giro d’Italia, we are ready to face the Tour de Korea that will be our 4th Asia Tour race of the season. Our goal will be to be in battle for the General Ranking, but also to reach the best result as possibile in every stage. We made a great show during Giro d’Italia collecting a lot of supporters around the World and we expect a great support also in Korea.”