Next November 21st the team will meet for the first time in Asiago at the Hotel Paradiso for the official start of the 2019 season. At the training camp all the Italians of the team, with Marco Canola, one of the leaders in a location very close to his home-roads as it is for the new third title sponsor of the team Faizanè. Among top riders also the new names of the team, among which Moreno Moser stands out.

The 2019 season of the NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè team is already in the starting blocks. From November 21st to 23rd the #OrangeBlue roster will meet at the Paradiso hotel in Asiago for the official kickoff of the season. At the first short training camp of the season all the Italian athletes of the 2019 team and the Spanish athletes, while the Japanese and Colombian riders will join the team from the second training camp in La Spezia. Athletic tests and meetings between athletes and Sports Directors to set up and plan the first works of the year will also be accompanied by convivial moments of meeting with sportsmen and local authorities. The first official meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 21 at the headquarters of the new third name of the team: Faizanè.


The 3 days in Asiago will be an opportunity to meet many new faces of the 2019 team. Great expectation for Moreno Moser ready to re-launch is career in the Italian-Japanese team and expected for a great season. To do the “honors” as “home rider” will be Marco Canola, among the team leaders for the 2019 season.

3 days in Asiago to begin a new season, with meetings altogether to define trainings and race calendar with also individual meetings between riders, sports directors and sports trainers to plan in the best way as possibile the 2019 activities. There will be also time to meet local partners and authorities such as the Sports Assessor of Asiago Franco Sella at the presence of the Pallavolo Olimpia Faizanè.



Confirmed the first training camp in Asiago, the team NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè will then meet in la Spezia, close to the team headquarter, from 12 to 16 of December for the second training camp of the season in which pictures and official videos will be realized, together with the medical and osteophytic visits.

The official training-camp:

21-23 November 2018 – Hotel Paradiso – Asiago (VI)

12-16 december 2018 – Hotel Il Gabbiano – La Spezia (SP).

The Paradiso Hotel of Asiago will be the team Official Partner of this training camp, with riders, staff and management hosted by the structure with any kind of comfort for PRO riders. Located on the Asiago plateau, close to the city center, has two dedicated rooms for massage pro sessions that will be used by the medical staff of the team. The Spa is the perfect place to relax after a long training and the restaurant of the Hotel will host the first official dinner that will give the official start to the season 2019. Also RaiSport will make shootings of the training camp.