NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team is ready to start the “Italian races” of September. On Saturday the Coppa Agostoni, on Sunday the Coppa Bernocchi. The #OrangeBlue riders will be on the starting line with a line-up that wants to be competitive both for the Ciclismo Cup and for the final victory.

A full September of Italian races is going to start this week-end, with #OrangeBlue riders involved on the roads of Lombardia, Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Abruzzo. This weekend to inaugurate the cycle of Italian races the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini will ride the Coppa Agostoni and the Coppa Bernocchi. Marco Canola will be the captain of a line-up ready to be competitive with several words and with more leaders ready to take advantage in the different moments of race. 


4 World Tour teams to the start, 12 Professional teams, 7 Continental teams and the National Selections to the start of the race, with a mixed road. The winner of the previous edition is Michael Albasini, with the Switzerland National Selection. Marco Canola reached the second place in the 2017 edition and is ready to battle again for the victory in 2018. The top 10 of 2017 also featured two major #OrangeBlue athletes with their previous teams. Simone Ponzi reached the fifth place with CCC, while Marco Tizza reached the 6th place in 2017 with GM Europa Ovini. Both of them will be with the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team and ready to support Marco Canola and be competitive for the final, together with Ivan Santaromita. The #OrangeBlue line-up includes the sprinter Eduard Grosu returning from his injury to China last July, Filippo Zaccanti returning from the Japanese trip to Hokkaido and the young Spanish riderJoan Bou.

Coppa Agostoni, the official line-up: Marco Canola, Ivan Santaromita, Marco Tizza, Simone Ponzi, Eduard Grosu, Filippo Zaccanti, Joan Bou.


On Sunday 16th of October will be time for the Coppa Bernocchi with a starting list similar, and a more flat road that can be more suitable to the sprinters, even if not easy. The NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini will make a small change in the line-up for this reason, introducing the Spanish fast rider Juan Josè Lobato, ready to bring fresh energy to the support of Marco Canola, Simone Ponzi, Eduard Grosu and Marco Tizza ready to exploit their speed on the final race. The young Italian Filippo Zaccanti and the Spanish Joan Bou complete the line-up.

Coppa Bernocchi, the official line-up: Marco Canola, Juan Josè Lobato, Eduard Grosu, Simone Ponzi, Ivan Santaromita, Marco Tizza, Joan Bou.


On the team car the Sports Director Mario Manzoni will lead the team in the double competition: “An intense weekend of prestigious and very important races awaits us. There will be World Tour teams and the other Italian teams, like us, will be very fierce for the cycling cup. We have prepared well, with a racing calendar designed to get under the right conditions to meet these commitments. Marco Canola will be our leader but we will have a double strategy linked both to the three men for the cycling cup trying also to be in the battle for the final victory. The Coppa Agostoni has a very selective path, in addition to Canola we have Ivan Santaromita who is preparing very well these races, Marco Tizza with additional motivations for the home race, Simone Ponzi also remarkable supporting riders able also to make a result. Filippo Zaccanti will return from the Japanese trip, Joan Bou will support the team and Eduard Grosu will return from injury and will probably see a more congenial road to him in the Bernocchi Cup where we will also have Juan Josè Lobato as a further rider for our strategy.”

Both races will be broadcasted live on Raisport from 3.00 pm. Thanks to PMG Sport the live will be available also on the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini official Facebook page.