Few months ago has official started the collaboration between the Centro Nova Mentis and the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team, that introduced in cycling the new Waterfeedback technology, an Italian patent, to mange the stress in a sportive environment. From 25th to 27th of May in Venice has arrived the important confirmation of the Scientific World, in occasion of the National Congress of Sport Psychology.

The new waterfeedback system has been presented to the public of experts, reaching a great success, in occasion of the National Congress of Sports Psychology, that took place in IUSVE headquarter from 25th to 27 of May in Venice Mestre. Te waterfeedback is an Italian product, with Italian patent registered by “Nova Mentis” together with “Centro di Psicologia Cognitiva e Neuroscience & Elettrovapor” and the “Centro Omologazione Brevetti”. In occasion of the congress has been announced also the new commercial partnership with Righetto Srl, that will be the new Italian Official distributor.


The NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini in these years have introduced many new scientific methods and protocols to the sportive and cycling world. Also in this case the new scientific method received important approvals from the scientific community during the National Congress of Sports Psychology. The #OrangeBlue have been the first Professional sportive company to invest on the water feedback system, contributing to his growth, followed also by athletes of other sports, such as Michele Giurgola, the world recordman of apnea, that is using the Nova Mentis system to prepare the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.



Through the waterfeedback system it is possible to help the athlete to maximize sports performance by learning strategies aimed at obtaining maximum control over body and mind, allowing the athlete to achieve concrete and realistic goals.

Every stimulus and every situation, gives us a response on a physiological, mental and emotional level. This response influences our way of acting, of thinking, our technical gesture. Biofeedback is a proven tool that increases psycho-body awareness and teaches the athlete to monitor and change their physiology in order to improve health and optimize performance


The biofeeback applications are widely documented, many elite athletes have been using it successfully for years, and many professional sports clubs invest in its practical and practical applications; for these reasons Nova Mentis is today at the center of a neuroscientific revolution that catapulted it out of the research laboratories where it had been confined for years because of its complexity of use. From this need for simplification and facilitation of the learning process comes the new waterfeedback interface: the movement of water replaces traditional computerized outcomes in order to give the subject a real and tangible experience-feedback, which involves and eliminates the problems of understanding that, to date, often represented a limit.


Through the waterfeedback interface the subject learns to control and modify specific psychophysiological variables: muscle tone, skin conductance (directly related to SNS activity), heart rate, respiration, peripheral temperature, brain frequencies, associating with these the movement of water.


These are the words of Dr. Gabriele Ciccarese, psychotherapist of the Centro Nova Mentis, and collaborator of the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team: “Try to imagine observing the reflection of your emotions through water: you may see yourself materializing before your eyes a worry, a moment of distraction, a moment of tension and immediately become aware of it with a sudden storm of water. The waterfeedback interfaces with the biofeedback instrumentation and responds to the stresses of your thought and your body through the increase or reduction of water movement: in this way you will experience the best strategy to decrease, for example, anxiety and ne you will have readiness receiving immediate, precise and powerful feedback. The water will begin to diminish until it stops altogether when your mind is calm and quite. Our mind learns to recognize the most functional strategies to achieve wellbeing through powerful feedback, suggestive because simple and intuitive”.


In the sports field the waterfeedback lends itself to considerable uses: learning emotional self-regulation, optimal activation threshold, muscle control, relaxation training for pre and post-activity psychophysical recovery and customized training studied by the Nova Mentis team and with the active participation of the athletes. Many elite athletes have tested waterfeedback with interest and are now training tailored to their competitive needs. The waterfeedback is simple but powerful because it really reaches everyone! Fascinates and entertains, gives the subject that lends itself to training a unique and highly suggestive experience.