The NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team will wear the elegance, the innovation and the Made in Italy excellence of Santini Cycling Wear. Starting from 2018 season the #OrangeBlue riders will be signed by Santini Cycling Wear, the cycling apparel brand that is a symbol of the Italian tradition and excellence, and technical sponsor among the others of the UCI, of the Australian National Team and of the Slovakian National Selection. The partnership with the Italian-Japanese team has been revealed in Tokyo during Cycle Mode, the n.1 cycling fair of Japan. In the contract an option for the 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini and Santini Cycling Wear will ride together, road to 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. A two years partnership, with yet an option for the third year has been announced today in Cycle Mode Tokyo, the n.1 cycling fair of Japan and Asia, in collaboration with De Rosa that hosted the event on his stand, merging the presentation of the new jersey kit and the new Protos Special Color edition for Marco Canola. Other Made in Italy news comes from Selle Italia, that presented his SP-01 saddle, for the first time will be on the Protos Team Edition De Rosa Bike.



In Cycle Mode has been revealed not only the partnership, but also the new design of the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini 2018 jersey, where the Blue Navy, the color that gives the most important success of the team in 2017 the Japan Cup, is the most important. The #OrangeFluo remains the characteristic color of the team in the finishing of the jersey, but the Blue Navy, part of the coordinated image of the team since from 2014, is back the main color of the 2018 jersey designed by Santini Cycling Wear. A stylish texture made of rhombus, soften, that plays with a double shade of the same color. Separated at the top, but merged together in the middle of the jersey to build up a net, inspired to the the old armor of warriors, where single elements become stronger matching perfectly each others. In the same manner the Italian-Japanese team, in his first 3 years of activity have merged from a sports and cultural point of view Italian and Japanese riders, and only going on with the strong team work could continue in the big growth of his single elements. 

The main sponsor NIPPO Corporation, together with Vini Fantini, for the first time are together on the blue background, giving to the jersey a stylish design. Something new both on the front and on the back of the Jersey, the Italian flag given by the third main sponsor of the team, Europa Ovini, that with his logo flag reminds the Italian soul (for managerial company and federation affiliation reasons) of the team.  Among new arrivals on the jersey also the new partner Faizanè, celebrating his 50th anniversary on the sleeves of the new #OrangeBlue jersey.

The important technical features of the new apparel will be revealed during next months in Italy by Santini Cycling Wear in collaboration with NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team, that will be, together with the other TOP teams sponsored by Santini Cycling Wear, the test area for all the evolutions and new features. Innovative is not only the design: the #OrangeBlue will wear a special new team collection developed by Santini, that will be soon unveiled in the details, with some new special technical features.


The presentation of the new partnership and of the new #OrangeBlue kit took place on the Cicli De Rosa booth in Cycle Mode, the n.1 Cycling Fair of Japan. To the event Francesco Pelosi, the General Manager of the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team, the Sports Director Shinichi Fukushima and the Japanese riders Hideto Nakane and Marino Kobayashi, both riding for the NIPPO Vini Fantini 2017 team and yet confirmed for the 2018 roster. With them the Cristiano De Rosa that linked to the new jersey presentation also the brand new color of the Protos 2017, a color that will be used also by the team leader Marco Canola, the big reveal of the last year and designed captain of the #OrangeBlue team for the next two seasons.

Francesco Pelosi, during the event welcome the new important technical partnership, that guarantee a very high level of quality to the team, with these words: “We are really proud to have on board with us a strong technical partner as Santini Cycling Wear. The vision of the company, the technology used and the important links to the Asian world are some of the common values. On these values we immediately build up a two years partnership with an option for the 2020. In our project that looks forward to Tokyo Olympic Games, the next 3 years will be crucial and the cultural bridge that we made, have to be reinforced, from both sides. In this direction the new partner, a symbol of the Made in Italy, gives to our project a new push and guarantee of quality, together with De Rosa, another top quality Made in Italy company of our team. I really have to thank the Santini family for the trust, we are sure that we can do a great job together, with the desire of celebrate together many successes.”

To the manager of the team, followed the declaration of Monica Santini, CEO of Santini Cycling Wear: “We are always been close to the PRO cycling teams to build up together the best performance, starting from the cycling apparel, and in particular way now we are happy to collaborate with NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini, an Italian team with an intense international activity of high profile, with a communication image of top level.” A line-up, the one of the NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini team, that has different needs both in terms of kind of roads and of climate that can be satisfied only with technical cycling apparel specific for trainings and races in all the four seasons of the year and at every latitude. 

“We chose to link us to the Italian-Japanese Pro Cycling Team to be a good partner, always in time to cover all the specific needs of technical apparel and we are really proud of this – says Monica Santini – also because with the team we really share important values, as the determination and the sense of work. We really believe in that team and we hope to contribute to their growth, looking forward to Tokyo 2020.”


Together with the new partnership with Santini and the design of the new 2018 jersey, in Cycle Mode has been presented also the wonderful blu of the Protos 2017, that will be the bike of the captain, Marco Canola: a special color, brilliant also thanks to the special mirrored treatment, with a special Orange insert under the saddle. A unique combination, perfectly matching with the new NIPPO Vini Fantini Europa Ovini 2018 image.


The new technology of the SP-01 saddle will be at disposal of the team starting from the 2018 season. The SP01 is the result of a cutting-edge combination of carbon properties. SP01has been made possible thanks to our ongoing technological product research and introduces a revolutionary concept of style, skilfully combining comfort, aesthetics and resistance.

At the end of the event presentation the team delegation have been visiting the booth of another partner, IRC Tires. Again the wonderful Japanese public has been very warm to welcome the team after the recent and historic double of the Japan Cup week-end.