NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè. This is the brand new name of the team for the 2019 season. Already a sponsor of the team in the 2018 season, the Vicenza-based company Faizanè decided to increase the investment in the team becoming its third name thanks to the B2B results collected in this first year of testing. “The entrance in the cycling world has brought us visibility, new customers from many Italian regions and an increase in awareness to our brand. Becoming the third sponsor we expect a further qualitative leap in terms of image and turnover, we know that cycling can give these results.” Declares Martino Dal Santo President of Faizanè S.p.a.

NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè: this is the brand new name of the #OrangeBlue 2019 team. It is official today, the third name of the team, Faizané, that had already entered the team’s sponsor panel in 2018 and after a year of “study” and collection of the first results, has decided to increase the investment in the team by virtue of the excellent feedback in terms of visibility had with its entry into cycling.

The company specialized in tailor-made plastic and techno-plastic materials at the service of companies operates in the Business to Business market, in many sectors, from boating to food, from engineering to wind power. This is not the first major B to B company to become a “title” sponsor of a cycling team. One of the most recents case history in Italy is Lampre, which for many years has become a symbol of Italian cycling.


The Vicenza-based company, located in Zanè, recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation by Pietro Dal Santo together with his wife Franca Toldo. Today it is administered by the three sons, Martino, Maurizio and Gabriella Dal Santo who decided to invest in professional cycling in the year of the 50th anniversary, also in honor and memory of his father’s great passion for this sport. Following the first year of sponsorship, the return of visibility received and the consequent increase in turnover has led the company’s administrators to invest more in the #OrangeBlue project and in Italian cycling.



“The entrance in the cycling world has brought us visibility, new customers from many Italian regions and an increase in awareness to our brand.says Martino Dal Santo, President of Faizanè – Becoming third name will ensure us a further qualitative leap in terms of image return, notoriety of the brand and new customers to know. We are confident that NIPPO is the right team to maximize this type of results, on a sporting, ethical and communication level. In fact, the team reflects those that have been the values of our company for over 50 years. A company used to work as a team and achieve ambitious results by reasoning as a team. This is why our company has always invested in sport, in young talents and in the territory. Cycling offers unique opportunities bringing the Italian and international public to well know the brands. It is an investment that I would recommend to many Italian entrepreneurs, obviously supporting a project and Italian cycling.”


Francesco Pelosi, general manager of the team, welcomes the third title sponsor of the team: For us it is a great pleasure to have involved a company that has taken its first steps in cycling with us, investing and believing in an Italian project. We are even happier that he decided to invest after having fully understood the value that cycling can give to a company. The growth as the third title sponsor of Faizanè means to give visibility to a company that in its own way symbolizes what is the beating heart of Italian entrepreneurship, made up of a fabric of companies born as family members, with many years of history and work at their shoulders, and structured to be competitive on an international level today. Together we will be able to continue the growth we have undertaken, both at team level and at company level, united by the common passion for this wonderful sport. “