6 #OrangeBlue riders will be at the start of the Italian competition composed by 5 stages. At the start a well balanced line-up with Marco Canola, Juan Josè Lobato and Giovanni Lonardi for the fast stages and Ivan Santaromita, Filippo Zaccanti and Joan Bou for the uphill finish-line.

It is time to be back to races in Italy, with the Adriatica-Ionica race. 5 stages with the opening team time trial and 4 stages in line from 24 to 28 July 2019. There will be 6 #OrangeBlue at the start with Nicola Bagioli still not at the best forced to forfeit. A well-balanced line-up is the one of the #OrangeBlue, ready to be competitive on every kind of road, from the fastest stages with the sprinter Giovanni Lonardi and the fast wheels of Marco Canola and Juan Josè Lobato, but also climbers like the expert Ivan Santaromita and the young Filippo Zaccanti and Joan Bou, veterans of the pre-Olympic Tokyo 2020.

The complete line-up: Marco Canola, Juan Josè Lobato, Giovanni Lonardi, Ivan Santaromita, Filippo Zaccanti, Joan Bou.
On the team-car the two Italian Sports directors Mario Manzoni and Alessandro Donati will lead the team. These the words of Mario Manzoni:

“This race will open our second part of the season, among climbers Filippo Zaccanti have the best condition and will be supported by Ivan Santaromita and Joan Bou. For the sprint arrivals Giovanni Lonardi will be our leader, while Marco Canola and JJ Lobato comes from a rest period and they are now ready for the second part of the season.”